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It’s extraordinary that the times are so terrible and people buy these stupid shoes. Maybe they want joy for five seconds.


While I love all fashion, shoes are definitely my thing. I have lusted after Manolo Blahnik’s Hangisi shoe for many many years, ever since a trip to harrods about 8 years ago, when I saw them all adorning the walls in every jewel colour imaginable. Yellow was the colour I had my heart set on, and I also knew I wanted to wear a pair on my wedding day. Well last year my dream came true, and it was meant to be.

When I came to actually wanting to purchase the shoes early last year, panic started to set in when I found out the yellow colour had been discontinued. I rang and emailed the Manolo Blahnik web team, stores and concessions to see if I could get my hands on any and unfortunately I couldn’t locate a pair anywhere. I couldn’t believe it. I had wanted a pair for so long and it looked like I was going to have to settle for a different colour.

One evening while working in Edinburgh I decided to leave the office early and head to Harvey Nichols to see if they had any Hangisi to try. I tried on a beautiful dove grey pair, and started to tell the shop assistant of my heartbreak at not being able to find a yellow pair. And with that she produced one last pair in stock… in my size! As I say, it was meant to be.

I chickened out of wearing them all day due to horror stories of wedding shoes becoming totally trashed. I wore them for the ceremony and promptly changed out of them after the drinks reception. I do wish I had worn them for longer on the day, given they are super comfy, but it was dusty and raining and I could see the state my dress had gotten in after less than an hours wear. I made the decision to take them off so they didn’t become any more ruined by the rain and I can wear them happily for years to come. They are slightly scuffed and marked from the day, but I guess that’s to be expected from general wear!


I musn’t be the only lover of the yellow though, as they have resurfaced this year! I cant find them in the 105 heel height that I have, but they do seem to have reproduced the 90.

Manolo Blahnik Yello Hangisi 90 Crystal Buckle Silk Satin Pumps £775

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