So what is my lust list all about?

It’s pieces that I am totally in love with, and in some cases have been for many many years. They’re items that I can’t afford and would either take a fair bit of saving, or a lottery win!

The items on my Lust List are all investment pieces that I think will stand the test of time, given that they’re either classics or have timeless appeal.


Week 12

Gucci – Jackie 1961 medium hobo bag £1940

The Jackie is the latest updated classic to hit my Lust List. I love the 70s nature of this bag, which is the signature of Michele’s Gucci. The hobo bag style has such a retro feel, but still looks sleek and modern thanks to the smooth leather and gold hardware. The bag can be worn as a hobo or cross body and I love that you have the choice between the two with the strap bucking into the bag design. 

Week 11

Jimmy Choo – Aveline 100 £725

These shoes caught my eye a few years ago, and they have been on my imaginary Lust List ever since. I love the extravagance of the bows and the mismatched design. They are a real statement shoe. 

Week 10

Alice Cicolini – Memphis Bubble 14-karat gold, enamel and rose quartz ring £1200

Did somebody say Millenial Pink? If there’s a sure fire way to get me to like something, its by making it in this colour way. And what a beauty this piece is. A candy striped enamel band featuring the most stunning rose quartz. This ring is such a joy, it would be a beautiful spring/summer piece to wear year after year. 

Week 9

Celine – Horizontal Cabas “Plein Soleil” Textile and Calfskin £1500

This bag has certainly found its way into my cookies. Since I laid eyes on it a few weeks ago, it has stealthily appeared in my targeted ads every day. As if I needed any more temptation! It’s the perfect summer bag with a perfect classic colour way. The mix of textiles also makes the bag feel modern and gives it more of a durable feel. 

Week 4

Versace Belted printed silk-twill robe £975 and Printed Silk Twill Shorts £416

Technically this is a pyjama robe and shorts, but I am in love with this silk look for summertime. Imagine cocktails on the cliffs of Santorini while wearing this outfit or slipping it on poolside. There’s something expensive and luxurious in the colours, and the print is unmistakably a classic Versace print. Two items that won’t date. They’re the epitome of classic pieces while also not being safe and boring. 

Week 3

Dior St Honore Tote – Medium – £3150

The ultimate new “classic” bag from Dior. This bag has recently launched, and is named after after the Parisian district. The line at the moment is limited in terms of colour ways and sizes, but I have no doubt that this bag will cement itself as a true iconic must-have Dior bag. I love this creamy almost camel shade of the bag, as I think it will be the perfect shade to work in any season. I’m in love with the CD clasp, and the “30 Montaigne” embossed on the back really shows the craftsmanship and level of detail.


Week 12

Manolo Blahnik – Lurum – £975

These beauties have finally launched! I was pretty much scouring the net for them to drop on a daily basis. Yes, it’s another pair of Manolo’s on the Lust List and yes, it’s another pair of mules, but they’re so different. Whereas the Gable is an everyday kind of mule, the Lurum really is something quite special. This limited edition of the Lurum is even more extravagant with a patterned lilac floral design on the yellow background. These shoes are a real statement piece and would ultimately glam up any outfit for any occasion. I Think the timeless appeal of these shoes comes from the classic design, along with the fact I think they will provide a clash against most other colours making sure they stand out and are a treasured piece for ever.

Week 11

Tissot – Le Locle Diamond and Mother of Pearl – £630

You can’t get much more classic than a Mother of Pearl watch face. This watch is elegant and timeless and definitely a piece that would be with you forever no matter what the trends. I think the pricing is in the mid-range for the watch market. Expensive enough to make my Lust List, but more accessible than the price tag of most luxury watch brands, making it a great investment that you won’t be scared to wear.

Week 10

Louis Vuitton – Capucines BB £3500

This falls into the category of classic structured bags for me, perfect for work and with an air of elegance about them. The shape is timeless and has real classic appeal. I am of course a sucker for anything pale pink and love the fun, spring feel it has, but there are a range of colours available more suited to a classic investment bag. I particularly like the clasp detail with the subtle LV. I’m not normally one to like big logos and think this is the perfect balance. I also really love the handle, being centred in the middle of the bag it looks sturdy and like you could actually pack a lot in the bag and it wouldn’t lose its shape.

Week 6

Manolo Blahnik – Gable – £638

Shoes are my ultimate weakness and Manolo Blahnik’s are the top of that list (click here to see my beautiful wedding day shoes). I’ve actually been lusting after the Lurum in a particular colour way that I’ve seen on a bloggers stories, but they don’t look to be available yet. On my search however I found the Gable. Mules are so popular at the minute and I adore them. They’re so fun and wearable and what attracted me to the Gable is the classic buckle detailing that you find on many of Blahnik’s styles. Let’s face it, I’d love every colour way, but if I had to choose one, the sky blue really stood out as being fresh for spring and I can see them being the perfect shoe to style with a midi-dress for summer weddings.

Week 5

Alexander McQueen Blazer £1070 (Reduced from £1790)

What a dream of a blazer. I have a bit of a soft spot for a pink blazer, as I chose to wear one on my Hen Party (in fact it was a full head-to-to pink suit!), but this one is next level gorgeous. I first saw it on @camilacoelho and was magnetised. She wore it a few sizes bigger than the model here and it looked so chic being oversized. Apart from the attraction of being millennial pink, the cut of this blazer is so impeccable and luxe, from the pinched waist to the diagonal placing of the pockets. A simply stunning piece.

Week 4

Chanel Brooch £425

My absolute dream is to be decked head to toe in Chanel. They are the ultimate iconic luxury brand, however pieces such as their jewellery remain accessible for the average person to own a little piece of the Chanel dream. I’d really like one of the iconic interlocking C brooches. I think they really elevate any look, from a simple blazer (see @mercer7official for inspiration) to coats, dresses, you name it. I also adore pearls and as Coco Chanel is the credited with popularising paste pearl jewellery, I think this is a real treasure.

Week 3

Globe-Trotter Safari 13” Vanity Case £770

The vanity case I never knew I needed. While I’ve always had expensive luggage on my lust list, I’ve never considered a vanity case. That was until I saw @thefashionbugblog sashaying through the airport on her instagram stories a few weeks ago with one. It’s such a glamorous piece and the epitome of luxury, with the brand being based in England since 1932 and still handcrafting all luggage there today. The vanity gives a real sense of old Hollywood glamour and is just an all round well made and beautiful looking piece.

Week 2

Paris Texas Snakeskin Effect Knee Boot £518

I hadn’t heard of Paris Text before this year, but since boot season began, they have been everywhere. This style is my favourite, and honestly I would snap them up in every colour, but I thought the snake pint would be the most versatile and classic. What really makes these look expensive is the mix of the chunky heel with the pointed toe. I also love that the boot is roomy around the calf giving it a slouchy feel and a bit of a seventies vibe. A stunning boot!


Week 46

Longchamp My Pliage Signature £225 (Travel Bag size)

I am a big fan of the Longchamp Le Pliage bags. I first saw them 7 years ago while inter-railing around Europe and as soon as I got back it was top of my birthday list. It turned into such a versatile bag that now my husband and I own 3 between us and I’ve bought them as gifts for quite a few family members. The My Pliage Signature however is fully customisable, allowing you to choose colour, hardware, leather colour, as well as having your initials emblazoned right across it. The campaign for the bag is fronted by Kendall Jenner, perhaps bringing a new, younger audience to the brand. I am now desperate to get my hands on my below creation in the weekender size which I think would look so chic while travelling!

Week 45

Sleeper Feather Trimmed Pajama £245

These pyjamas are the ultimate luxury. I love my silk pyjama sets to lounge on a Sunday evening in, but these are something else. They’re the kind of pyjama you might lounge in a fancy hotel in, on your chaise longe or as the model suggests below, out for dinner and drinks. Ha, I am joking here, but they do look super luxury and would even be good as pre-wedding pyjamas.

Week 43

Cartier LOVE Bracelet (small) – £3650

I have loved the allure of these red boxes for a long time. Of the luxury jewellery brands I feel that Cartier are perhaps the most elite in terms of their status, but there is almost a romanticism around the brand. And what’s more romantic than their signature LOVE bracelet. Unlike other bangles that can be slid on and off the wrist, the LOVE bracelet is designed to be screwed shut by your true love and remain on your wrist forever. The bracelet comes in two different sizes, the classic and the small and there are slight differences between the two. The classic is significantly chunkier but the main difference is the closure. The classic bracelet is made up of two separate pieces, with two screws each side of the bangle which holds it together, whereas the smaller size is hinged on one side with a screw closure on the other. I think the hinge option is slightly more practical if you do plan on taking it off and for that reason is the option I’d go for, along with looking slightly more delicate.

Week 42

Chanel 19 Maxi Flap Bag – £4260

A Chanel bag will always be top of my lust list. I’m excited to see if this style tweak to the classic flap bag is just for this season or will continue as Virginie Viard’s signature re-design. I’m in love with the new texture and colour way, it feels different to the classic leather, but at the same time the neutral colours mean you will wear it forever.