Current Skincare Routine

Eye Make Up Remover – Clinique Take The Day Off £19 [for the full size] (Gifted)

This is a dual-phase eye makeup remover, and a pretty good one. I wear quite a lot of eye make up and it removed it all pretty easily. Not a lot more to say, other than great way to start the nightly routine of removing a full face of make up.

First Cleanse – The Bodyshop Camomile Cleansing Oil £12

After being a big fan of the Camomile balm I thought I’d give the cleansing oil a go. The first use I was a bit unsure, but quickly realised I wasn’t using enough. After that I used about 3 pumps to remove all of my make up. The oil makes a really good grease to cling to the make up, but once removed leaves the skin really soft and lovely. This is going to be a firm favourite in my routine for removing makeup for the foreseeable. It would be difficult for me to say which I think is best out of the balm or oil, they’re both brilliant and The Bodyshop have really nailed it with this range.

Second Cleanse – TheBodyshop Vitamin E Facial Wash £8

Again using this for the first time, there were a few surprises. It comes out of the tube and spreads on the face as a really thick luxurious cream, however when you come to washing it off, it starts to foam. I was pretty surprised to see SLS in the INCI list which explains the foaming! I then started to use the cleanser more purposefully, and after applying I added water to emulsify and threw in an extra facial massage to work into a lather. A friend had bought me this cleanser and a facial buffer for my birthday and the buffer worked really well with the cleanser and left skin feeling very clean and exfoliated.

Toner (AM) – Pixi Glow Tonic £10

I am now on empty with this. I have just purchased some other acid toners to try, however I’m sure I will be returning to this one pretty soon as it was amazing. Click here to see my full review.

Toner (PM) – Vitamin E Hydrating Toner £8

This was another birthday gift. It’s been a while since I have enjoyed a toner that isn’t an acid, and so I think this is perfect to add to your winter routine for more hydration of an evening. Its quite a thick liquid, with a lovely smell that isn’t overpowering. I’ve found it to be just a generally nice step after cleaning.

Facial Mist – Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner £7.95

My full review an be found here – although I think I may have taken for granted how great the nozzle is on the spray. Having tested a few other spritz bottles, their spray action isn’t anywhere near as good at creating a fine mist as the Sukin.

Hyaluronic Acid – Vichy Mineral 89 £25

Full review can be found here – still a great HA and I would totally recommend.

Moisturiser (AM) – Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 £9.99

I tried this moisturiser out of curiosity about how many active ingredients it has listed. I honestly can’t say I experienced a noticeable difference, however it comes in this cute travel sized bottle which is really handy to take away with you. It had SPF which is also a bonus, however it does sting my eyes a little. All in all, an ok moisturiser, but one that I probably won’t be rushing to buy again.

Moisturiser (PM) – Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate £13

This moisturiser has cult status and the make up artist on my wedding day even used it as part of my bridal make up routine, so it was a real luxury to buy. I started initially using it in the morning before make up but found it far too thick and my foundation didn’t spread well or sit right afterwards. I then relegated this to my draw of unused products. That was until I reacted with a cleanser I used when visiting my sister and my face became severely dry and agitated. I rushed to dig this out and it was perfect for calming and adding moisture back into the skin. I have since carried on using this as my night time moisturiser and think its great to have in your kit as a skin saviour when you need some intensive moisture.

Eyedrops – HycoSan Dual £14.99

I suffer from weepy eyes (i’m not sure if that’s the correct term!), and often get really sore, red patches around the outer corners. After some research, the internet suggested eyedrops. I then saw a video of Eva Chen using these on a recent visit to the UK. If they’re good enough for Eva then they’re good enough for me! I rushed straight out to Boots to buy some. They were considerably more expensive than other eyedrops but the delivery system is much better for someone like me who is squeamish about anything eyes. The bottle depresses one exact measurement each time and I can just about cope using it. I’m now and eyedrops convert, using them first thing in the morning and before bed, and have honestly found they have helped and I haven’t suffered at all in the past month!

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