Topshop Summer Dresses

Topshop have been releasing one great dress after another this summer. It started a few months ago with the “must have” Austin Dress, and since then each week has seen so many floaty, ruffled, floral dresses added.

I popped into Topshop and tried a few on that are currently in store, and here’s what I thought …

I was instantly drawn to this skirt. I love it! It’s a summery update to last Autumn’s snake and leopard print versions in the same material. I’ve worn my snake print one so much and this would also get a lot of wear. After seeing @blaireadiebee wear a matching Topshop skirt and shirt combo that I have since lusted after, I saw this shirt tucked at the back of the store and wondered what they would like like together. I really like the look and think its probably a better option than a dress given you can also wear both pieces separately, meaning you could get much more wear.

I loved this dress on the hanger, but I don’t think it has any appeal when on. Despite a gorgeous pattern I think it looks really frumpy and does nothing for a curvy figure. Maybe one for more square shaped bodies, but unfortunately not one for me.

And here it is! The Austin itself. Surprisingly many of the other prints have also been restocked online, so it’s available in most prints in most sizes. I probably needed to size up slightly on this one. It didn’t blow me away, but is a very pretty summer dress and would be a perfect go-to piece for any summer occasion.

This mini dress was a surprise favourite! the only mini I tried on, I thought it was really lovely. Handily it has ties at the sides so you can pull in the waist to give some shape to the dress. I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this one, although this one I think needs sizing down as it was a tad oversized.

I love leopard print, just not normally on me. This dress however could change my mind. A great simple cut that is flattering, modern and could easily be dressed up or down. Loved it.

Another dress with hanger appeal which did nothing for me. I was attracted to the gorgeous print, I love red, but this dress just clung in all the wrong places. It seems to be cut to taper towards the knee before kicking out again. The cut combined with the ruffles on the hip don’t do much if you’re quite wide on the hips, which I wouldn’t normally say I am, just a very unflattering shape for me.

In complete contrast this dress has zero hanger appeal and I don’t even think looks that nice on the website, but when I put it on, I was instantly in love. It’s oversized, swishy and has a pussy-bow, what more could you want?

A very cute summer dress. I think this is a dress for everyone, a classic shape and neutral spots, there was nothing about this dress that I didn’t like and could easily be a wardrobe staple.

An interesting shape and one that I liked, but given it was the second white spotted dress I tried on, for me the other one was more of a favourite. Depending on your shape, this is also a very pretty dress, which I’d definitely recommend a try on!

Finally the floral version of the white spotted one. It was the same size but didn’t fit as well and really gaped over the chest area. I loved the pattern so would have been interested to see the size up if it had been in stock. Probably not one of my favourites, I think there are plenty of other options that are nicer.

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