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Investment Sunglasses

Sunglasses are something that I think everyone should invest in at some point. Buying a good pair of sunglasses in a classic shape can last you for years. I used to buy a new pair of sunglasses every year, at about £20 from somewhere like Topshop. They often got scratched or broke quite easily and I’d think nothing of throwing them away and buying another pair. While £20 doesn’t seem much at the time, it adds up over the years.

I Bought a pair of Tom Ford Sunglasses back in 2014, and I am now enjoying my fifth year of wearing them. These were an investment for me (and a Christmas present from my parents!). I now think it makes a lot of sense to buy a pair that costs more initially, but that you will look after and love forever. The cost per year of my sunglasses now isn’t far off from what I would usually have spent per year, and will get even less over the coming years.

While cheap sunglasses are great for following trends (2019’s micro sunglasses i’m looking at you…), that might not always be the best for the health of your eyes. There are varying reports here, so I’m not going to go into it too much, but I have to say I can definitely tell the difference between wearing a slightly more expensive pair of glasses and a cheap pair in terms of the lens quality.

Below are some classic styles that, should you invest in a pair, will stand the test of time and you’ll get years of wear.


The Aviator

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic £172


Tom Ford £203

Gucci Aviator Frame £290


Persol Pilot-Frame £196


Prada Irregular Frame £217

Victoria Beckham Fine Brown Aviator Style £230


Stella McCartney Gold Tone £155

Celine aviator style £270


The Oversized

Chanel Pearl Sunglasses £441


Dolce & Gabbana £178


Prada Tortoiseshell Oversize £217


Saint Laurent SL214 Kate Cat-Eye £270


Prada Cat-Eye sunglasses £217


Gucci Black oversized sunglasses 


The Square

Tom Ford £194


Dior So Stellaire1 £239


Chanel Square Sunglasses £314


Gucci £170


Chloe Vera Brown Oversized £215


Gucci Tourtoise shell Square Frame £221


Saint Laurent SL174 £175




Ray-Ban Wayfarer £172


Fendi Wayfarer Style £195


Jimmy Choo Ben Wayfarer Style £195

Moncler Waferer style £190


Taylor Morris Eyewear Louis Orson £160




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