Say No to the January Sales

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Back in the days of writing for my university newspaper I wrote a very similar article. For me sales just don’t do it, and with the greater focus recently of sustainability and questioning of fast fashion, I really think they drive the wrong behaviour. The most concerning thing is that with many news outlets reporting a dismal period of Christmas sales for retailers, discounting is set to be higher and continue longer.

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The notion of securing a “bargain” in this period is pretty slim. Unless you’ve had your eyes on something for a long time and it now happens to be in the sales (in which case, lucky you!), most of the items on sale in retailers is stock they have just for the sale period which has never seen the shop floor previously.

Sale time drives the behaviour of having to buy an item now because of the discount and the limited time period attached, but really its unlikely you would ever have bought the item at full price, and if this is the case, then you’re unlikely to ever wear or use your purchase in the cold light of day when you bring it home.

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Tips for avoiding sale season shopping:

  • New season stock usually starts hitting the shelves as soon as sale items are cleared, save your money and focus on buying something you will love after the sales.
  • If you’re looking for discounted luxury, The Outnet carry designer pieces year-round at heavily discounted prices.
  • Remove temptation. Don’t go to the shops, and don’t search the sale sections online.
  • Shop your wardrobe. Have a good old clear our and rediscover old pieces you have forgotten about that might now be back on trend.
  • If you really can’t avoid the sales, ask yourself when you buy something if it is something you would buy full price and how often will you wear it, to make sure items youre buying are not just spur of the moment. Also look out for classic pieces that you will wear for many seasons to come rather than trend-led items which will go out of date quickly.

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