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This year I proudly joined the Trinny Tribe. Founded by Trinny Woodall, one half of the famous fashion styling duo Trinny and Susannah (whose every word I hung on as a teenager), Trinny London was launched in 2017 and has just celebrated its one year birthday. Trinny London is a range of cream based make up products based on the concept of small, modular pots that click together to form your personalised “stack”. Up until recently the range could only be bought online with customers filling in a “Match 2 Me” profile. By selecting your skin, hair and eye colours on the website, “Match 2 Me” suggests which colours of each product would best suit you. A great concept that is appealing to travellers and those with limited time to do their make up, the range also totally appeals to my love of packaging!

My order came beautifully packaged in a signature Trinny London yellow bubble zip-lock bag. with the individual pots in silver boxes embossed with interlocked T’s.


I ordered a couple of products to try.

The BFF (in shade Light)

This is the brand’s signature product which often sells out. It’s similar to a CC cream in that it’s a light moisturising formula applied to give you a more even skin tone. Its not heavy at all, and is designed to be used with their concealer/foundation for additional coverage where needed. I usually like heavy coverage so without the foundation to try, I used it on its own for the gym to give me a little coverage and just topped up certain areas with concealer. A good product and I certainly want to try again with the foundation but I am really struggling to determine my skin colour from the online suggestions. I’m going to wait until I can visit one of their permanent stands in Fenwick’s. The BFF comes in a pump with a small T-Pot to decant your BFF into while travelling however I actually used mine to empty lots of old lipsticks into (the dregs from the bottom of old ones in the same shade) and its been great to add to my stack and use the very last drop in every lipstick pot.



The other product i bought was an eye colour (in shade Fortune), which is ultra creamy and has a little sparkle. It’s very concentrated and you really only need a small amount. So while it suggests a pot might last 8 months, I think mine will last a lot longer as I don’t wear it every day. Many people online have commented about it creasing and needing to use an eye primer first however I haven’t found this at all. I’ve been very impressed by the coverage and will certainly be buying other shades to add to my collection.


Overall I have been impressed with the products I tried and I’m certainly bought into the branding, packaging, concept and Trinny herself of course. I am a little sceptical of whether I would like the dewy overall look as i prefer more of a matte powder finish to my make-up but I look forward to trying the rest of the range!

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